001: Breaking Boards w/ Dave Strand

In this Podcast episode Dave Strand talks about breaking boards with the rest of the members from industrial band The Strand. They discuss Martial Arts, the origin of the term “Apocalypse Powder” and then proceed to Steve’s backyard to break some real wooden boards!

As this is the first episode, it’s a little raw. Eventually we will add intro music, and a more refined structure.

Here’s a few clips of video of the¬†breaking.

Apocalypse Powder : Origin Story

Everyone has a couple things that they are good at, or know a lot about. Members of industrial band The Strand thought it might be fun if friends get together, pick a topic that somebody knows about, hang out and chat. Then we can release that discussion in the form of a Podcast. Although each episode will have a topic, tangents are encouraged, and you should be fore-warned that we are likely not ‘experts’ in these topics… we just have a bit of experience.

But… Apocalypse Powder?

We think it may have been Scott who coined the phrase ‘Apocalypse Powder’, as a cooler name for our costume effect of using Corn Starch to make our band’s outfits appear worn and tattered. ¬†Here’s a small gallery of us sporting Apocalypse Powder.