011: Vacations

First, how to shave balls.  Then, let’s talk about vacations we’ve gone on, or places we would eventually like to visit.  Scott tells his European dirt cart story, Dave talks about his honeymoon in Prague, Liverpool, and London.   Laura talks about her time studying opera in Italy.  Steve swims with the jellyfish, Lewter saves turtles in Costa Rica, Mike goes to Mexico on tour,  and Scott visits Japan..  and more like fishing in Canada and tequila tasting in Puerto Vallarta!!


009: How to Dress Post-Apocalyptic

Learn how to put together a post-apocalyptic costume in this week’s podcast episode.  Cosplay for the Apocalypse with members of The Strand at their concert on February 12th at The Grid in Mesa, AZ.

You can also find more of our apocalyptic costume design in Combat Advantage the movie on YouTube.


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008: Ghost Stories

Several bizarre stories of ghost hunting, guardian angels, scary sounds, EVPs, objects moving, evil spirits, out of body experiences, missing time and sleep paralysis!  Join Dave Strand, Scott Levy, Steve Laskarides, Elias Lewter, Mike Marsh, and Natalie Laskarides as they recount their strangest unexplained encounters.

This podcast includes personal experiences at the following locations:

  • Jerome Grand Hotel in Jerome, AZ
  • Homme Lounge in Phoenix, AZ
  • Alladin’s Castle at East Towne Mall in Madison, WI
  • St Sava Serbian Orthodox Monastery, Libertyville IL
  • Bird Cage Theater in Tombstone , AZ
  • Josiah B. and Sara Moore House in Villisca, IA
  • Vulture Mine in Wickenburg, AZ

These links available at ApocalypsePowder.com:
For more of Mike Marsh’s ghost hunting adventures listen to the Miskatonic Paranormal podcast on Soundcloud.
A recording of the Natalie and Steve Laskarides EVP.
A recording of the Laskarides Test to recreate the sound.
A link to Steve’s orb video

007: Songwriting

A wonderful and detailed discussion about songwriting featuring Dave Strand (The Strand), Laura McQuaig (The Strand), Elias Lewter (Access Zero, Elias Black, The Strand) , Scott Levy (The Strand), Steve Laskarides (Access Zero, The Azoic, The Strand), and Mike Marsh (Hardwire, The Strand). Representing singers and songwriters from bands: The Strand, The Azoic, Access Zero, Elias Black and Hardwire! (Since we feature songs embedded in this podcast, I used a higher 192 bit rate MP3 for this episode. It may be a little larger in file size. 104 meg)380645_10151070617850460_1121553232_n

006: Pranking with The Strand

Members of The Strand talk about playing pranks on each other and coworkers.  Our stories may be tame compared to yours!?  Share at apocalypsepowder.com, tweet @apocpowder, or join us at our Facebook page.

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Ryan Hutman’s @CyberDJKeisatsu poop centric twitter page

Cannot yet locate Aggression Session band page
Cannot yet locate provocative image of Nick on the bed..

005: Tour Manager with Nick Phrasavath

Learn about being a Tour Manager with Nick Phrasavath (The Black Angels, She Wants Revenge, Cinema Bizarre, Nitzer Ebb, Imperative Reaction, and more!) Nick talks about the roles and responsibilities, and tells some tour stories!10479151_10204318346784886_2564226353943782783_n

003: Concert Bucket List

Members of The Strand talk about concerts.  What bands would you love to see in concert, but still haven’t seen?  What was everyone’s first concert?  What concert gives you “street-cred”?  And amazing shows you never thought you would be able to see, but actually have.   Head over to our Facebook page, tweet to us @apocpowder or to ApocalypsePowder.com and let us know your! (Note: At the end of this episode is the full version of Healthy Mess by The Strand.  We will continue to use selections Healthy Mess to lead in each podcast, but thought you might want to hear the full version once.)

Lollapalooza 1992 Ministry, Pearl Jam, Ice Cube

002: Touring with The Strand

In this episode we talk about gigs and touring, with conversations mostly centered on poop-related stories and toilets.   We also bring up embarrassing gig stories, and some of our worst and best gigs.