StrandUpdate #6 AudioProblems

This week I spent a LOT of time troubleshooting audio problems and trying to optimize my system.   In the end I downloaded LatencyMon software, and it is helping me track down the source of these frustrations.

StrandUpdate #4 – Music Studio

In this episode we talk about The Strand’s music studio.  Here is a list of the hardware and software we mention in this video.

Primary Hardware and DAWS
Cubase 8.0 DAWS
Event 20/20 Monitor Speakers
Focusrite Scarlett 18i8

Software Synths:
Native Instruments KOMPLETE

BLUE Spark Mic
Rode NT4 and NTK Mic
Shure SM58 Mic
(and Sennheiser E85)

Access Virus KB and Indigo
Nord Lead 1 and 3

011: Vacations

First, how to shave balls.  Then, let’s talk about vacations we’ve gone on, or places we would eventually like to visit.  Scott tells his European dirt cart story, Dave talks about his honeymoon in Prague, Liverpool, and London.   Laura talks about her time studying opera in Italy.  Steve swims with the jellyfish, Lewter saves turtles in Costa Rica, Mike goes to Mexico on tour,  and Scott visits Japan..  and more like fishing in Canada and tequila tasting in Puerto Vallarta!!